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Anissa Wardell was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah and also lived in several other western states while growing up. Anissa learned about hard work and dedication from her parents who raised her to be responsible and hard working. Anissa’s grandfathers instilled a great love of country and of political service, her grandfather was International Director over the Independence Day Parade (4th of July in Washington, DC) and festivities in our nations capital for 12 years.

Anissa met her husband Bill Wardell, a long time resident of Midway, and married in January of 2000. Anissa and Bill have been happily married for over 13 years and have three children, two girls and one boy. For over seven years they have lived in Heber City and have enjoyed being able to live in the valley.

Anissa has always been intrigued by political service and advocacy. Anissa has been advocating for special needs children out of necessity to protect her own children and the rights of parents throughout the state. Anissa became involved after getting a call from Kraig Powell to help with the county Caucus night. Serving as a precinct host and being involved in the local GOP, Anissa decided to follow county politics to be more informed about what is happening locally and to be able to serve as needed.

While attending council and board meetings for many of the city and county entities Anissa found that there was little connection & communication between those who were voted in to serve and the taxpayers. Anissa is committed to transparency and limiting government overreach by returning government to its constitutional limits.

Anissa is committed to transparency and fiscal responsibility while actively finding ways to strengthen local business.

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