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Pioneer Day!

I hope everyone had a great Pioneer Day! We spent the day with the kids and then took the neighbor kids with us to see the Charleston Fireworks. Let’s just say that they were fabulous!

As I reflect on the day and all that I am grateful for, I hope that all Heber City residents will also look into our great heritage as a city. Here is a link to some great pictures and information about Heber’s rich pioneer history: One of the best resources to pictures and artifacts is to make a trip to the Tabernacle, what is now the Heber City offices.

Fort Heber Stone

Happy 4th of July!

Today as I think about all the many men and women who have served our great country, I remember also the stories and the sacrifice of my grandfathers.

Kenneth C Madsen Navy pic


Grandpa Madsen was one of the funniest men! Grandpa could weave stories like no other! Grandpa had plenty of stories from when he was a young boy as well as from after the war. Some of my favorites are those from his days in the Navy.

Grandpa Nielsen didn’t tell lot’s of stories, he saw a great deal of action while serving and wasn’t too excited to talk about it, however, there are a few stories that have been shared. Regardless of how much grandpa shared, he made sure we knew he loved his country.
Grandpa Nielsen - Navy Pic