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Other ways to support my campaign include attending one of my candidate events, hosting a cottage meeting, inviting friends to attend, and connecting me with your friends,family, or neighbors.

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There are many ways to participate in my campaign.

*Express your support on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) *Volunteer for canvassing neighborhoods. *Speak to a Heber City resident about my campaign.

Happy 4th of July!

Today as I think about all the many men and women who have served our great country, I remember also the stories and the sacrifice of my grandfathers.

Kenneth C Madsen Navy pic


Grandpa Madsen was one of the funniest men! Grandpa could weave stories like no other! Grandpa had plenty of stories from when he was a young boy as well as from after the war. Some of my favorites are those from his days in the Navy.

Grandpa Nielsen didn’t tell lot’s of stories, he saw a great deal of action while serving and wasn’t too excited to talk about it, however, there are a few stories that have been shared. Regardless of how much grandpa shared, he made sure we knew he loved his country.
Grandpa Nielsen - Navy Pic

2013 Primary Election Information


A Primary Election will be held August 13, 2013 to select two candidates that will vie for Mayor and four candidates that will vie for City Council seats.

To accommodate busy schedules, early voting will be held in the Heber City Offices, 75 North Main Street, from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on the following days: July 30-31, and August 1-2, and from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on the following days: August 6-9.

This map that will tell you what Precinct you are in:

Heber City Voting Precincts 2013

Heber City Voter Precinct-Locations

Why Run For City Council?

What Will Be Your Priority Issue(s)? AW-4-CityCouncil

In alphabetical order they are:

Local Business
Transparency & Accountability
Veterans Memorial

Another priority is to protect the city of Heber from over-regulation and encroachment by the federal government in matters such as public lands, healthcare, and education. We cannot curtail all these things ourselves, but, with relationships I and other city council members and staff have we can call on those relationships to help us keep Heber strong and resilient.

Why do I want to serve?

There is so much at stake right now in our valley, and Heber plays a big role in the tone we set for this valley. What we do now will set the course for the next generation. We need to be headed in the right direction and that will only happen if we have more people willing to take an active role in what is happening here locally (in the city and in the county). Heber City council members sit on a number of boards throughout the city and county and therefore play an integral role in the decisions made. There is a very serious lack of ethical behavior on some of these boards and as a city we should be leading the charge when it comes to ethics, leadership and accountability.

I believe that I can be of the most help by:

* Recruiting and supporting men and women of character, with common beliefs and principles for elected office
* To provide Common Sense and leadership experience
* To inject a strong dose of conservative thought to the council and to those we serve in behalf of
* To persuade others to follow the principles of:
Individual Responsibility; caring for ourselves and family, for the helpless
Proper Role of Government; protecting our rights, not usurping them
Fiscal Conservatism; keeping the size  and scope of government in line with its constitutional roles

How am I Prepared?

Experience, on boards for private organizations and church service
Active community participant, as a precinct chairman, state & county delegate, active participation in attending city & county meetings
Successful leadership and management experience of private and non-profit business.
I am committed to serving our city and it’s residents.