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Heber Light & Power Board Responds to the Attorney General

The Attorney General’s Office weighs in on Enforcement of the HL&P board pay of retroactive insurance benefit! The HL&P Board was TOLD TO GIVE MONEY BACK AT ONCE! The State Attorney General’s office has sent a letter to HL&P on their determination of the funds taken against state law and HL&P’s own bylaws.

In December 2012, The State Auditor’s office sent a letter to Heber Light & Power stating that the process the HL&P board used for their retroactive health benefit payments is questionable, and the action should be voided.

This whole issue is quite lengthy, but the Wasatch Taxpayers Association (which I have been a member of since inception) has the most detailed information available. You can read more about it here.

In response to the findings of Attorney General’s office concerning the illegality of the retroactive increase in compensation,  the attorney for the company responded to the AG’s office on behalf of the board with a letter claiming that the Board had done nothing wrong but that the Board has decided to “make arrangements to reimburse the increase in Board compensation”.

It is beyond me how this board can continue to maintain that their actions were appropriate.  I am glad that the Board has decided to reimburse the money that remains unpaid.  I would however suggest and encourage these board members to make their “arrangements” public. I oppose any attempt to “refund” the money with city or company funds.  Heber City residents are not in favor of an appearance of a refund, we want real restitution.  This restitution should ONLY come from the personal bank accounts of the individuals who personally benefited from the payment.

As a candidate for Heber City Council I want it to be clear that I am for transparency and integrity. I have spent a great deal of my personal time showing up to city council, county council, school board, HL&P meetings and many others so that I would understand what is happening and where things can be improved in our valley. I am committed to smaller government and keeping our budgets in line with what our true needs are as a city.